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Research Skills (Next Colony)


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Captain's log:

Greetings, my dear friends of the grand universe. These skills help to give an impulse to the production giving a small increase of the% for each level that we raise, that is something simple to understand, what I want to say to them that if they are taking their first steps in Next Colony they should not know, it is that they can reserve it to begin to increase in a future and it does not happen to them as some that begin to update that from the beginning, investing valuable resources in something that is not primordial.

One thing is if they are starting or another when they already have a good amount of planets, there they will already have enough resources to distribute them, yes, I recommend you always analyze if it is worth investing in each update, the first thing is to analyze what advantages it gives in the short term, in its beginnings they depend on good decisions to pass that stage that is the hardest, then the best of the game will come, but starting is not easy, they must deal with learning each thing and not waste resources so that they manage to explore as quickly as possible, sometimes one arrives anxious to the game and climbs everything and that delays it all, so they can explore as quickly as possible, sometimes one arrives anxious to the game and climbs it all and that delays it.
The one I've climbed the most, as you can see in the picture is the bunker.

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If you want to play one of the best games in the universe, here you have the address: Next Colony

@willsaldeno Next Colony gamer.
Captain out!

All images: Souse Next Colony game screen shot, all copyrights of the images are recognized to the Next Colony game.


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