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Hello there!

Did you know that:

  • 1 out of 4 doesn’t get enough exercise
  • That sitting is the new smoking
  • By 2025, half of the population will consist out of millennials
  • 93% of this generation prefers to buy from sustainable companies

Well we do and here at Walky we want to take action on this.

What is Walky?

In essence, Walky is a step counter app. But it’s so much more.
Users are rewarded with Walky-points for their steps. These Walky-points can be exchanged for rewards supplied by partner-brands. Users can do this individually or form groups and collectively save for rewards to increase social interaction. The rewards will also be from a sustainable nature or from sustainable companies.

What are the key principles of Walky?

  • Sustainability
    • Partner-brands should excel in sustainability
  • Creating an impact
    • Users should be able to give back to the community (give your steps to local charities)
  • User friendliness
    • Clear, crisp and easy to understand UX and UI

The MVP design

This is a basic version of the concept that focuses on activity, rewards and individual target features. At first we would like to build a strong userbase to find out what the community would want in future releases.

It is also important to notice that no registration is required to use the app at first. Of course when you want to collect a reward or form groups and invite friends, you'll have to register. Only minimum information will be required to insure maximum privacy. We are not a data collecting company.




Future features

  • Groups feature
    • Provide users the ability to form groups, invite friends and earn Walky-points for a shared reward.
  • Bonus power-ups
    • Provide users the option to perform tasks, like watching a sponsored video or answering quiz questions on sustainability, to gain advantages. For example, all points collected are doubled for the day.
  • Event power-ups
    • Provide users to participate in events. For example the marathon of Antwerp. Joining events will lead to power-ups similar to “Bonus power-ups”.
  • Leaderboards
    • Compare your progress with other users.
  • Enhanced social features
    • More social features like messages, chatbox, friend feed,… .

Is this thing built on blockchain?

No. For the moment there are no plans on building the app with blockchain technology. We decided that this use case does not need it. Not yet anyway. But we are pro blockchain and cryptocurrency. That's why we created an account on Steemit. Our customer segment are millennials and Steemit is filled with this generation. It would also be cool to reward users with Steem or create our own SMT in the future.

We need your help.

In order to give the community the best possible app that they deserve, we would like to get some feedback.

Do you like the idea?
Would you use it?
Do you think some of the future features needs to be included into the basic MVP?
Can you think of other features you want?
Any other advice, tricks, opinions?

Our founder, @d0zer, will reward every user with 2 @steembasicincome shares that gives feedback.
In total there are 50 shares to be given away.

Thank you for reading.

The Walky team


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