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Neoxian City Photo Challenge week #10 - Leading lines


3 months agoBusy

lines of traffic light.jpg

All the kinds of night photography are always were in my favorite s list of photography - night light documentary, band photography, as usual, happening at nights and in the low light conditions, night street photography, night architecture and slow night shutter like in this sample.
The shutter speed was 4s long and I used a tripod with the goal to avoid the shaking effect.
I used my Canon 40D with a 12-22 wide open lens attached - 18mm is the focal lengths I used this time.
This is the Ayalon road that is dividing TelAviv and crosses it from south to north.
The traffic, as usual, is very high and busy.

Posted for the Neoxian City Photo Challenge week #9 - the boats hosted by @neoxian-city
more info you can find with the link :


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