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What adds value to Steem?


9 months agoBusy3 min read

What adds value to Steem is this: Content

Here are some examples which I consider valuable from top to bottom and in that order:

  • Educational Content = Tutorials, Breakdowns, Video Essays, Reviews, Advice, Tips, Tricks, Step by Step; topics about philosophy, maths, physics, history, science, science news, geology, sociology, financial (plenty of that already), language, children's education, health, sport, health, beauty, hobbies, how to do, etc

  • Creative Entertainment = Stories, Art, Movies, Short films, Music, Poetry, Creativity, Animations, Cartoons, Skits, Humour, Standup, Theatre, etc

  • Revisional/Entertainment Content = Top 10 information videos, Opinions, Entertainment Feedback, Entertainment Breakdowns, Entertainment Video Essays, Fan Theories, Fan Fiction, Popular Media Feedback, Entertainment Education, Entertainment News, etc

  • Topical Vlogging: blogs and vlogs about artists, workers, teachers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and other topics about work and actions people do - not general lives. Make blogging more topical and useful.

  • Life/Sport/Fails/Exercise physical evidence of surfing, skydiving, falling, parkcore, exercise, yoga, dancing, travel, relationships, cooking, eating, unboxing, interviews, etc.

The Steem Economy

Here is how it basically works:


  • Users need content to consume and monetary support for their time
  • Creators need monetary support to produce and social support to reach their target audiences
  • Content needs a data host and a social platform to be consumed.


  • Creators produce content to consume
  • Steem and derivative social platforms give the means for the social and monetary support.
  • Steem blockchain data systems and Witness/IPFS Node systems and derivative social platforms and their servers provide a host and social platform for content to be stored and consumed.


  1. User needs content.
  2. User searches content
  3. Creator makes content - with costs
  4. User finds content
  5. User and Creator interact
  6. Steem provides value distribution via User/Creator interactions
  7. Creator gets social support and monetary support from Steem
    platforms - recovering costs
  8. User gets monetary support for their time from Steem platforms
  9. Creator invests in more content
  10. User invest more time and searches for more content

Cycle repeats. Value increases - due to more valuable content available and more social interactions around the new content.

In summery, users gain value for the time they invest into the platform consuming content. Creators gain value for the content they produce. Content is what ultimately drives the value of Steem - and the Witnessess (or nodes) and other Steem platforms are the bridges between a User/Creator and the home of the central value driver: Content.

More content will drive more users/creators to create more value for the Steem platform by making new content and interacting more. And that is how Steem increases value - via Content.

Content creates value. Steem distrubutes that value.

Content is King.


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