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SMT Burn Up: ICO Issues Complete! RC Delegation Pools Functional


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We are now 25 points ahead of schedule thanks to an incredibly productive week! This is in part due to the large amount of work that had been in review which was completed. In addition, some issues had been oversized. Sizing work is an art, not a science. We overestimated the time needed to complete some work, which resulted in a higher than normal velocity. As long as issues aren't being intentionally oversized this is great because it means we were able to complete a feature faster than we originally expected.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.37.06 AM.png

Some work is probably under sized as well, which means we expect to have some weeks where it does not look like we got much done at all, when in reality we are productive. If that is the case, then the errors in sizing will come out in the wash and we will be on target for our estimated completion date. Even though we are currently ahead of schedule, we will keep the current estimated date of completion. The last thing we want to do is assume this increased velocity will continue and then miss completion of an earlier target.

ICO Issues: Complete!

We finished reviewing the ICO issues and were able to mark that portion of the SMT spec as complete! This is quite a large portion of the SMT work and accounts for a significant amount of architectural work required for the remaining SMT tasks. These were issues #2731, #2732, #2733, #2734, #2735, #2736, and #2767.

RC Delegation

We continued work on the RC Delegation Pools (#2697, #3103) and have a functioning version of the feature. The remaining work needed to be done is the ability to delegate RCs to an SMT directly to fund emission and market maker actions by the SMT.

Lastly, we completed issues #3379 and #3455 which added additional verification and testing of the SMT setup operation which was missing from the original implementation.

Scope Increase

We added 3 points of scope to the SMT MVP, issue #3455 when we realized the SMT extended destinations were not fully implemented or tested during the SMT setup.


Completed : 64
In Progress : 0
Scope Increase: 3
Net From Ideal: 25
Status: Good

Back On Track

We are now back on track with SMT development. Morale on the team is good and we are looking forward to finally completing SMTs.

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