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Crypto in Latin America: Blooming in adversity


8 months ago3 min read

Ilustraĵo de Spirajn: Steem-floro

Recently the official team of Dash for Latin America was liquidated by a decision of the Core Team of the project.

Dash Latam was furthering a series of amazing initiatives to share the knowledge about the use of cryptocurrencies, specifically Dash, and the great advantages of this global crypto-economy to improve the living conditions of people in poor countries.

They were holding events, workshops, promotions, and giving constant support for users in Latin America —across 8 countries and 20 cities—. I attended some of those events and saw in awe how they succeeded to set Dash as a payment option in many shops of my city, encouraging its acceptance by the sellers.

However the Core Team concluded that those efforts and scores were meaningless and suddenly stopped the funding. In consequence, Dash Latam had to fire 80 people and, some weeks later, informed the definitive settle of the endeavour.

In the same deplorable way, Bittrex informed some weeks ago the definitive banning of its services to many countries, including Venezuela. That was a slight shock for many of us, who used those services as a preference because of their low fees and other advantages.

It's sad that those in charge of the big financial endeavours in the crypto world, use a criteria so greedy that nullify every consideration of solidarity with people that could bring many important contributions to the global acceptance and stabilization of the prices.

The teams that still fight to sustain these efforts in the middle of terrible difficulties in poor countries, are like heroic seeders that work in a desert to make it bloom.

They want a garden, they dislike those landscapes of death, so they dedicate their efforts to seed life and, step by step, they succeed. But if they have no financial autonomy, their projects are as unstable as the crypto prices.

I think that the Steem ecosystem is full of good examples of such people. Despite some decisions of the big ones —that maybe don't take into consideration the contributions of these masses of cultural creators— the sense of community in the Steem world is strong.

People save the people, and the people is the very factor the can realize the loftiest ideals of the cypherpunk and crypto movements, that brought Bitcoin to the world.

As the proverb says:

grafiko de Spirajn kun citaĵo

The first picture is an illustration by the author: Pencil, pen, crayon and pastel on paper.

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