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YAY! It's Friday! Which can only mean one thing! #marketfriday hosted by the effervescent @dswigle πŸ’œShe is one of the most precious souls here on the blockchain, who puts so much effort into her posts, and is wonderfully active. #marketfriday is a wonderful way to see the world via Steemit. Check out the tag for more info

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you would have read about The Milnerton Market. If not - here I explain the history, the bizzareness of it, and why you MUST go there if you visit Cape Town.

TL;DR - it's a junk market where you can find some super interesting pieces. I have bought some beautiful artwork, crockery, decor pieces, books and even plants there, and every time you go, it's a surprise. You never know what you will find

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.32.02.jpeg

Their eyes follow you as you move

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.31.59 1.jpeg

They're clean, I promise πŸ€ͺ

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.31.59.jpeg

I felt quite sad when I saw this. I'm sure there are some kids who can't afford new toys, and their parents come here to find them toys. 😭 Super grateful for my parents who always worked hard to provide for us

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.32.00 1.jpeg

A lot of people actually come to the market specifically to buy records. There is another trader (not the one pictured) who has very rare finds and his stall is always buzzing.

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.32.00.jpeg

I tried to figure this painting out for a while; Is that Trump in the corner? What is he wearing on his head? I dunno.

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.32.01 1.jpeg

More scary dolls

WhatsApp Image 20190802 at 15.32.01.jpeg

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