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Day 823: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: cannibals


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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt cannibals hosted by @mariannewest

This is not a subject that I find pleasure in writing about but it is the prompt for today so I will give it a try.

I am glad that I was not born into a tribe of cannibals. Can you imagine going in the kitchen and asking your Mother who is for dinner and she replies Uncle Joe, he was getting up in years so I will need to slow cook him.

Then I think about the people who survived a plane wreck on top of a snowy mountain, they had given up on being rescued and were starving. I wonder if I really could be that hunger to turn to cannibalism. I sit here and think no way but when it really came down to it could I do it? I would need to make that decision if it ever happens to me. It is not something I can answer now. Lord, I pray it never happens.

I can understand the true cannibals because that was their culture, it was the way things were done for many years handed down for generations. They did not think twice about eating an enemy I might be wrong but I do not think they ate from their own tribesmen like Uncle Joe.

And now I come to the guy who killed and ate people here in the US I know his name but I will not even type it. He was a sick SOB and I will not give him credit for what he did to innocent people by repeating his name. They should have taken him to New Guinea and let the cannibals handle him.

Now to get all of that out of my head. My motor parts did not come today, I hope they will be here tomorrow. I am not missing any fishing time but I would like to get it fixed and take it on a test run before the wind lays down which is supposed to be Friday then it will blow again, another front is coming through Friday night. Today the wind blew sustained 32 with gusts to 42. Temps in the low 50's. I finished getting our taxes ready to send to the accountant all I need to do is write a check for him. That always hurts.

Sunday my husband fished but did not catch anything so on his way in he stopped and gathered about 40 oysters and I made oyster stew which is always good on a cold day.



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