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Inviting to Open Source Communities...Let’s support Utopian’s Indiegogo official campaign.


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What's up all, started a running crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for better prospective and bring more value to contributors releasing Utopian Colony. Also They have big purpose to bring value to steem blockchain. Exactly indeigogo campaign would be successful crowdfunding campaign. But your support most needed for succeed our goals. is great platform for project developers and another contributors.

PROJECT/CLIENT DETAILS & Background Research

Utopian Colony is the first crowdsourcing platform to connect open source projects and contributors from all digital professions. The culmination of a year operating a successful proof-of-concept, Utopian aims to launch the open source ecosystem into a new age where all digital professionals are empowered to take part in open source innovation. Help us release an early version of Utopian Colony by Q2-2019!

These indiegogo campaign bringing you terrific opportunities for open source projects. Project fixed goal is $35,000. Currently $2,150 Collected already. So you have 19 days left for join this campaign. Hurry Up guys….
I invited all open source sommunities for join this campaign. Also I appreciate any promoting work who bring more value to Utopian Indiegogo colony campaign. Especially video contents highly appreciate. In this condition @oracle-d doing great job for bring more developers and contributors to these perfect campaign. So you can follow @oracle-d's blog post for more details. Here's all information inserted.

Also highly appreciate you'll share video contents to other social medias like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. You can use below link for sharing any social medias.

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