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Wavesphere Steemit Changes: The Good, The Bad, The Hidden


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At first ( Wavesphere beginnings) this site was an idea free for all. With tags being the central point to start searches. You were pulled into a wellspring of various topics that both enlightened and amused bloggers of various types. Since the latest changes. That no longer seems to be the case.

Now Steemit is focused on creating community generated content. It is great if you are part of a good community. However, community specific content aside. Post are competing for attention in a giant Steemit pot and many users are currently getting buried in obscurity. Even users fortunate enough to be a part of a good community must create great topic related community content or they would be drowned out by their own community to some extent. Overall, great community content has come to the site, but their is a greater divide to content created at the top to newly generated content. At least that the opinion of the Wavesphere.

As always both negative and positive comments are appreciated. If there is a topic you want explored further. Mention it in a comment and it will be explored further in the Wavesphere.

Wavesphere out.


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