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#Friwriting 5 minutes: Memory


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Hello friends of steemit

This is my entry for the daily writing message, project led by:

@mariannewest and @freewritehouse


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Mine is starting to get me into some problems, because it is very condemned from time to time I fail and forget things and that's why I get into trouble, most of the time at home, with my wife and my children.

Even though I try hard to remember what he says or asks me to do, very often I forget.

For this reason and to avoid uncomfortable situations I decided to place a record on my cell phone and every time I have something important to do, my phone reminds me and ready.
This is one of the reasons why there are no problems in the last days.

I have also thought about buying some medicine to help my memory, but as expected, I forget to buy them. Hahaha


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