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Protect your personal data #1: the search engine


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To protect personal data, you must use web services that respect your privacy. It's a safe bet to guess the majority of you use Google. Of course, Google does not respect your privacy at all. Check out my first article that explains why you need to worry about it. Here are some alternatives to Google that do not loot your personal data.

Qwant: the little frenchie


Qwant is a Franco-German search engine created on February 16, 2013 and headquartered in Paris. The purpose of Qwant is to provide the user with a search engine that respects your privacy. Qwant does not use trackers or cookies and does not record your searches.

In 2015, Qwant benefited from Emmanuel Macron's (then Minister of the Economy and soon to become French head of state) support for the launch of a new version. In recent times it is gaining popularity in France and Germany. It is often cited as an alternative to Google. It also recently signed an agreement with the Chinese authorities as part of Emmanuel Macron's visit to China.

In my opinion, Qwant is the best alternative to Google, the quality of search results is improving every day, it keeps innovating, with projects such as Qwant Music or Qwant Junior.

DuckDuckGo : the American


DuckDuckGo is a meta search engine (search engine gathering the results of several other search engines) founded by Gabriel Weinberg on September 25, 2008. Like Qwant, he is focused on protecting privacy. Furthermore, you can choose to godo your research through the TOR network, plus it has a parental filter. I use it in addition to Qwant when I need to do more research because it offers more results.

Lilo: the generous


Lilo is also a meta-engine, it was created in 2014 by Clément Le Bras and Marc Haussaire. It aims at protecting the privacy of his users but also aims at providing funfs for charity or environmental projects. When you send a earch, you allow Lilo to earn money through sponsored links, you earn drops of water, then you can give your drops of water to projects that you want to fund. Lilo claims to donate 50% of its advertising revenue.

There are many other search engines respectful of privacy that I can't list here. I knew all these search engines but for this article I referred to additional sources, Source, Source .

That's already the end of this article, Tell me your opinion as comment.
As for me, see you soon for episode # 2 of this series ;)

(article translated from French bye @gbd. See original version)

Translator note: Duck Duck Go, which integrates with the TOR network, is the default option of TOR Browser, which @kaliangel will probably tell you about soon !


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