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One Year Witnessversary - A Great Start!


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On 2018-02-25 22:17:18 (First Witness Post), I have enabled my Witness account @justyy so it is Exactly One Year Anniversary - the Witnessversary.

My first block produced on steem blockchain was 20390040 and currently I produce a block roughly every 3 hours - currently rank dropping to around 73 due to many supporters are powering down. :(

These are the first 20 blocks after being a witness on the steem blockchain.

Up to now - a year, @justyy has produced 3529 blocks!


Yes, I left my ID 3529 times on the steem blockchain - This is kinda exciting and I am kinda proud! :)

I summarize my work mainly on so I don't want to repeat it here. All I want to say is that I am glad that I am part of the steem community. I make friends here, and I enjoy using steem as my primary social network.

Looking ahead, I will spend my evenings and part of weekends focusing on development of more tools to help the steemians especially those from China. Also, I will continue helping @utopian-io as a moderator for development category.

Unlike most of the top witnesses, I can't give up my primary job - because I have a family to raise. The rewards from being a witness unfortunately can't pay off the server costs etc - However, I am not quitting because I love being here, and I learn a lot both personally and technically.

I recently joined GE as a staff software engineer and it is fun working there too.

If you believe what I am doing, please consider a spare vote voting me here, thank you very much indeed.

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