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1 Immortal To Win Per video!


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🚨 WARNING: If you don't have a Busy/Steemit account, click here.
It can take between 24h to a week to get validated, do it fast!
And SAVE THE PASSWORD THEY GIVE YOU or your account will be lost forever.


  • 🌟One Word is hidden in every video. Find all the Meepo's head inside the video like so:

Once you find them all they will give you one word. Use this word in your comment to enter the contest. Find the word and comment on youtube with whatever you want, just include the word in your comment and it will be counted.

  • 🌟Double your chance to win by commenting also on Busy and like the Busy posts (there will be one post per video)

  • 🌟 In total 10 Immortals (for now), there will be randomly 6 comments picks on youtube and 4 on Busy.

  • 🌟 You can post several comments with the word, but copy paste is NOT allowed.

How to LOOSE:

  • 🚫 If you comment the word alone, or give the answer explicitly with the timestamps or by saying something like: "this is the word", "the word is ..." your comment will be invalidated.

When are the results?

All the comments pick will happen May 3rd, until then you can participate!


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