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The beacons are lit!!! dlux calls for aid!


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The story so far

Around New Years I was inspired to learn javascript, blockchain tech, VR and XR tech; More about game theory, value and attention than I ever thought possible. @markegiles has been on this journey with me as we were pushing media boundaries with our joint venture Otolux. In late January we were able to come up with our first goal post, referencing VR data on blockchain. Since then we've been able to demonstrate multiple proof of concepts and push the boundary of whats possible with blockchain.

logo in VR

dlux: This is where most of the magic takes place. This is a VR steem front-end that is accessible on all devices with a modern browser.This project is completely open source and available to collaborate on github!

VR IDE: This is an open source web based IDE and spring board for your very own dApp. Following the directions on the README will have you posting your very own simple VR chat room in less than 10 minutes. There is an integrated external IPFS management system, a VR inspector, and side-by-side code and applet. This test environment loads blockchain data into the applet and once it is posted will reference it's own steem blockchain data when viewed from dlux. This enables a virtually limitless create space for censorship-resistant, ad-free, VR anything. Build a classroom and teach people history or science, publish it to dlux and people can come together and learn while interacting, reinforcing, and collaborating on tasks. Build games, experiences... anything your mind can imagine can be represented in VR with enough effort.


If you want to contribute to this IDE: the inspector can be forked and functionality added such that when assets are added or moved/positioned/scaled/connected the resulting HTML can be pasted into the Glitch text editor in the left iFrame. Allowing people to build scenes with no coding knowledge. (animation and interaction will still require coding, but this opens development to a far wider audience)

AR Applet: Contains the beginning of an Aframe-AR applet. The goal here is to create an applet much like above, that self references its blockchain data and displays a vote button over a standard AR marker. The user writes a title, tags, and a description of their physical asset. Possibly a tip card, maybe a mural, maybe feeding the homeless. The applet should just be a vote button and a display of the title, tags, and post. Allowing anybody with a smart phone to load the blogpost via QR code, see its data, and decide to vote on it(or become aware of steem and dlux). Currently I'm having issues with camera permissions across sporadic devices and browsers. This would be a terrific entry point for anybody interested in AR. Of course this one button app is open source and users can make assets of nearly any kind. The scene can be networked and the same qr code in two different locations can display the same data; a billboard in LA and NY can show the same API information when people point their phone at it. Or people can play chess with their phones at a park with others, and also keep track of wins and losses globally.

Social 360 Video: This is a 360 video template. These can be social as well... this one isn't quite complete either, but wouldn't take long to put together if you have a need. There are endless ways to utilize VR to create experience and communicate p2p.

While asking for input on my white paper, @tibra was remarking about the lack of adequate academic review and journaling options. So I put together a quick and dirty front-end that is a few lines of UI away from placing up to
63900 bytes of binary data on chain for permanent storage and the ability to recall that data in anything that a web browser can display. Files over 64 Kb? Place them on IPFS and reference them in the post body when displayed. Couple this with a Custom_JSON solution for non-stake-weighted voting (one flag one vote) and we can have anti-spam, monetized, academic publishing.

I intend on publishing my dlux whitepaper on this platform before September 1.


Discord is the best place to get a hold of us!

Let's make the world a better place, by turning expression and the appreciation of it in to value... then giving it away for free. -


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