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Social stack - part 2


5 months agoBusy5 min read

I continue here what I've started previously. Much more to come.

Who's who

Super ants

Super ants are very talented people who would have the skills for leaving the ants realm and reach masters level if only they knew how the social stack works.

But they don't, so they spend their life making extraordinary efforts to achieve poor results. Worst of all, they are the biggest contributors to the social stack.

These people are self-improvement and success-achieving junky. They are achievers.

They are usually born as ants, never hopeless ants, but they don't feel like they belong to their environment. They want more. They are better.

They need to climb the ladder pushed by a mixture of revenge, pride, ego issues and natural vocation. Not the most noble feelings but this doesn't mean that they are essentially evil. It explains though why they play an evil role and why they are mostly unable to improve anyone's life, not even theirs.

Other ants look at them with admiration because those are the ants who reached the top of the ladder. The American dream (chuckle). No they don't reach the top. Not even close.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the perfect super ant:

  • genetically superior
  • will of steel
  • ambitious

Mr Schwarzenegger has done a lot in his life. A real self-made person and, I believe, a man of good will meaning he genuinely cares for humanity.

Unfortunately he was misled by the social stack scheme at least twice:

  • at the beginning when he put all his energy in sport and then in acting
  • in the last of his career when he became a puppet

No blame on him, really. We are all misled.

However there is something he's doing that is really dangerous.

Watch this video: it should be renamed from "Arnold Schwarzenegger - The speech that broke the internet" to "Arnold Schwarzenegger - How to become a super-ant, ruin most of your life and make masters super happy".

He's right when he says "The first rule of success is to have a vision" but what if the vision is wrong?

When the vision is to be an ant you'll be an ant. Maybe a super ant or a puppet but never a master.

His entire speech sums up in: "Sweat your soul out, enslave yourself, break your body and damage your brain with false targets and misbehavior. If you don't die while doing it and you are lucky enough then, maybe, one day you can feel successful"

I mean, he says: "if you sleep more than 6 hours per day, well, sleep faster".

Why Mr Schwarzenegger?

How could this be considered progress or healthy or human?

How could this possibly be good advise? It's borderline to immoral being it a praise to self-slavery.

Pushing people to make such an effort equals to aiming for a multilayered society because, obviously, only a fraction of the people can live like that. This creates a social ghetto, the ghetto of the "normal ones" which obviously leads to think that being "normal" is not enough or wrong.

How absurd is this?

Don't you see that this gigantic effort is necessary only because the social stack has been designed like that?

After so many years of civilization and technological progress when will we finally reach the point where we can spend most of our time learning, teaching and sharing time with beloved ones in a responsible, culturally rich and welcoming society focused on beauty and sustainability?

Answer: never

Never until this social stack stands.

Never until we have super ants being stuck in the ants realm.

Don't get me wrong, I acknowledge that some super ants did and do something to improve others' life. The point is that if their energy and will were focused differently they could have done and do far more and better for everyone, themselves included.

Difference between puppets and super ants

There is no difference from the social stack stand point.

Puppets and super ants are the two faces of the same coin.

Puppets support the social stack via force: laws, religion, economic cage, punishment and social judgment. They enforce the social stack scheme.

Super ants support the social stack via charm: motivation, admiration are their tools. They unwillingly leverage on ants' envy. They inspire people to look in the wrong direction and focus on the wrong targets. They feed the illusion of a good social stack.

This is why super ants are masters' favorite slaves. They do an exceptional job, they increase production and even quality, they lead and keep under their thumb the other ants. For free. The other ants hang on every word the say. For free.

The more I describe the social stack the more I'm charmed by its evil beauty. Isn't it a perfect diabolic machine?

Why super ants are important for the future

I believe that super ants are mostly misled by the conventions carried on by the social stack. They are taught like that since childhood. Plenty of lies, absurd expectations and, above all, the idea that super ants are cool and living like a super ant is enjoyable and desirable.

Given their capacities, determination and skills I believe that super ants are the ones who can lead the current social stack to an end.

They just need an alternative. And now there is.

To be continued.

Damon Voks


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