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Real estate project on Blockchain

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Low interest rates and flood of cash in the markets created a lot of opportunities for construction industry, and real estates construction. Real estate require large investments and current situation is productive for them, since there is cash and could be deployed in investment process. Of course, this is reserved for big investors that have large amounts with them and could invest in the whole project or create joint venture with few companies that are building the whole complex. Blockchain created opportunity for small investors through immutability, trust and security for investors, regardless of money amount that is invested.

ELAD network is decentralized platform for investment strategies, that use blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and innovation to create cryptocurrency and real estate portfolio for combined assets. It will be possible to create crowdfunding for large scale real estate projects, which will lower entry barriers, costs and provide investment opportunity for all size investors. ELAD is standard ERC20 token, deployed on Ethereum network, and can be bought through the platform, and exchanged for EQ coin, that provide investment returns for particular real estate. EQ coin will be deployed on the platform, with features similar to security tokens, and separate EQ coins will be generated for each property, to obtain particular investment returns based on selected property.

EQ coin innovative features will allow investors to trade part of the property, without affecting other investors, based on transparent ownership on the blockchain, which is innovation needed for crowdfunding investments, since there is an issue with selling / buying process, when a lot of owners is included. It is unpractical to buy the property with a lot of owners today, since one has to persuade each and every owner, which is hard and time-consuming process, especially with last ones, since they know that without them the whole process is run-down. Transparent process, where you can buy a partial ownership on the property is similar to shareholding companies and presents great opportunity and innovation on the market. EQ coin will allow investors to collect their returns on monthly and yearly basis and provide crowdfunding community with healthy ecosystem for investments.

Renting a property is also a process where ELAD network will create opportunities, since landlords will be able to join the platform, pay one-time fee for marketing purposes, which will allow them P2P contact between them and prospective tenants. It is a process that can improve tenant coordination, through genuine and transparent reviews of landlords and tenants, that are immutable and should result in rates adjustment to current situation on the market and within property. Automated payments and global reach of the platform and token will facilitate overseas payments and rents.

ELAD recognized three types of properties related to risk and return ratio, and those are residential properties with low yield and low risk, underdeveloped properties, that could be refurbished and improved, which will bring medium yield on initial investment, but risk is higher, and new builds/office space/retail space that can provide high yield, but that brings higher risk as well, due to unstable nature of business and tenants.

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