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BuildTeam Token Distribution Report


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Token Report - 1st Peroid August 2019

BUILDTEAM Token Distribution

Total Distributed: 2548.75 BUILDTEAM
Autostaked Portion: 2167.00 BUILDTEAM
Autostaked %: 85.02%
Adhoc Bounties Surplus: 6553.75 BUILDTEAM
BUILDTEAM Price: 0.187 USD


  • BUILDTEAM token distribution was sent to builders and bounty hunters that did work for BuildTeam projects during this period.
  • Bitshares spot price, excludes Steem Engine market as SE is not indexed on
  • Liquid BUILDTEAM tokes were sent via Steem Engine
  • Autostaked tokens were sent to the Bitshares buildteamvest staking account and vested for 13 weeks, stakeholders can send a powerdown memo request to this account to divest and redeem their tokens on a 13 week schedule.
  • The adhoc bounties total accumulates in periods in which less than the maximum 2500 BUILDTEAM tokens were distributed.

STEEM Distribution to BUILDTEAM Tokenholders

Total Distributed: 845 STEEM
STEEM Price: 0.18 USD


  • STEEM was distributed to tokenholders in accordance to the public staking schedule.
  • The STEEM price hit an all time low for the year, while costs remain payable in USD.
  • Postive effects of MIRA node cost savings as detailed in a recent post will only be realised in period 2 September 2019
  • Heroku infrastructure costs are now the remaining highest expense, at approx 950 USD per month; developers are hard at work finishing the microservices backend for so it can stand on its own without needing to use MinnowBooster infrastructure which is a monolithic Ruby-on-Rails implementation that is the most resource intensive.

Distribution Performance Table

PeriodBUILDTEAM Distro.Staked (%)STEEM Distro.USD/STEEM(*)

- Distro. = Distribution
- (*) STEEM price obtained from
- The first BUILDTEAM token distribution took place in November 2017

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