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It's Cold Outside, It's Time To Visit A Museum (or more)!


8 months ago3 min read

This beautiful autumn is reaching its limits. It is getting colder, the sun is hiding behind the clouds and it is time to change the long walks in short visits to the museum. Where it is warm and beautiful and where we can learn a lot.

I wrote a lot about the city of Iasi in Romania. A constant of all blogs about this beautiful city is the mention of the Palace of Culture. The emblematic building of the city, a building as beautiful both day and night.



This building was built, actually started construction in 1804. There were several fires that affected this palace and in 1907 it was rebuilt and took the shape that exists today. After several types of use, from the Prince's residence, a palace of justice and even barracks of German and Russian troops during World Wars, it's now the headquarters of several museums.

So far, we have presented only the building seen from the outside. I have been asked many times to show the interior. Now is the time for this, because I want to introduce you to the museums inside.

The interior consists of huge halls and many rooms in which different museums have been arranged: The History Museum of Moldova; The Ethnographic Museum of Moldova; Art Museum; Museum of science and technology. These museums refer to Moldova because Iasi is the capital of Moldova from Romania.

Today about the ethnographic museum, a first part. I will start with some pictures inside the palace.




The Ethnographic Museum of Moldova

The exhibits in the museum refer to the traditional occupations of the inhabitants of this region. The exhibits are very old (of course, this is in museums) over a hundred years old. It presents, in particular, the life in the rural area, the folk costumes, and various household objects. There are also exhibited various machines made of wood, machines used to grind corn, to obtain oil and wine.

Popular costumes






These costumes, in fact, all the clothes were made in the household. Especially from the hemp. It was cultivated by each family and processed until the yarns used for weaving were obtained. Then the women made the cloth.

Not only the clothes were made in the house as well as the furniture, the clay pots and the carpets.






Life in the past was very difficult. For survival, each family worked hard, from morning till evening. Only this way they could provide food and clothing for all. Only thus could they be prepared enough to survive the very heavy winters of these lands.

And yet, these people also made time for fun. They dressed in special clothes for the holidays and met on Sunday, after the church service, to eat, drink and dance together.


This was the first part of the ethnographic museum. There will be a blog about the work tools and various wood carving machines. The Palace of Culture, with its museums, is a place to visit. Most tourists are used to visiting this objective. I hope I managed to show a little of this museum and palace to understand their interest.

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I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
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