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Celebrating my birthday at my parents' house.


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Greetings friends.

Friday was my birthday....


In the morning I was alone at home, it was a rainy day. My girls at school, my husband working.


(my brother, my mom, my oldest daughter, me, my dad and my husband was the one who took the picture)

In the afternoon I went to my parents' house, with my girls, after there came my husband and my brother. My mom made me a cob cake. They sang my birthday, and as always, Cami wants birthday to be sung her . She likes to blow the candle. Hahaha.


The cake was very tasty, we enjoyed it, especially Cami, who, as I have told you before, she is a cake lover.


I liked being able to share another birthday with my family. I look forward to sharing many more with them. I missed my sister, who is in Peru, I hope that on the next birthday, she can be with us again.

All the photos were taken with my Camera Casio Exilim x3.

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