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STRATFOR, a Commercial Corporate Non-State Intelligence Company.


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An analysis of the Stratfor website, trying to make sense of the way the company presents itself.

When rapidly skimming trough wikileaks documents the brain will spot stuff that repeats itself. Today for some reason Stratfor popped out and called for my attention. So this article will not be about a juicy wikileak but a dive into the creation of the leaks itself.

The Stratfor slogan headline, this is how they present themselves to their customers:

The World’s Leading Geopolitical Intelligence Platform

Now THATS a strong first impression. But how does this translate so that the average human on the street can make sense of it?

Stratfor calls itself world leading.
They are leaders? NO
They did get a democratic vote to lead something? NO
So are they a world's leading entity? Probably not

Then the 'Geopolitical Intelligence Platform' part of the slogan.


According to the freedictionary:
ge·o·pol·i·tics (jē′ō-pŏl′ĭ-tĭks)
n. (used with a sing. verb)

  1. The study of the relationship among politics and geography, demography, and economics, especially with respect to the foreign policy of a nation.

a. A governmental policy employing geopolitics.
b. A Nazi doctrine holding that the geographic, economic, and political needs of Germany justified its invasion and seizure of other lands.

  1. A combination of geographic and political factors relating to or influencing a nation or region.

Interesting! A Nazi doctrine! Not my words, I just found it in the dictionary. This was a WTF moment for me as well. Sometimes people compare people or companies with the fascists of the 40's everyone then reacts like: 'You can't compare just anyone to Nazi's!' And OK, it often can be an inappropriate comparison. But in this case it actually looks different. Stratfor themselves use words that a random online dictionary explains as Nazi doctrine. And Stratfor uses that kind of wording in the very slogan of their company.
Thats something to think about. And it makes Geopolitics a word to remember. As this is a word that is used by the globalists time and time again.

That was the slogan. Translated in human speak it looks like this:
*A non democratic world leading company that presents itself as an Nazi doctrine based Intelligence Platform. *
HOLY SHIT! What have I stepped in here? My shoe will be smelly and sticky for weeks. And this was just the very first sentence on this website.

I'm a bit uncomfortable now, to say the least.
I'm no journalist who has a big law firm to protect me, I'm just doing a deepdives contest and try to make a few pennies that may save my neck one day. I don't even have a bulletproof vest. Should I stop writing right now? Should I delete this and try to forget what I just wrote?
I mean, several years ago, during a trip to Berlin I visited the StaSi Prison memorial and spoke to a few people who had been tortured there. And those memories are now creeping up to me.

Ok, enough about me. For all the people who had to live trough that shit I should continue.

The second sentence:

Leaders Around the World Rely on Stratfor to Navigate the Increasingly Complex Global Environment

And what does this actually say?
Leaders around the world, political leaders and corporate enterprises who actually where voted into power or run huge corporations RELY on Stratfor? The company that just presented itself as being based on Nazi doctrine. And these people help our leaders to navigate the global environment. That doesn't really feel right. But I'm unable to translate it in any other way. I leave it up to you, the reader, if this is correct or not.

So Stratfor in it's own words is in a sense is a hostile, non state (Global) actor, embodied in a corporate entity that makes profit to meddle in the politics of the entire political landscape of this planet. Do I see that correct?

I will now quote the rest of their marketing and leave the thinking up to you, the reader. And only add a few questions for you to think about.

Read Stratfor Worldview, our premier digital publication, for objective geopolitical intelligence and analyses that reveal the underlying significance and future implications of emerging world events.

How objective can that be, if they are being payed by corporate money?

Our premium Stratfor Threat Lens™ product helps corporate security leaders anticipate, identify, measure, and mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to their people, assets, and interests around the world.

Thread Lens, a thread to whom? To humans on planet Earth or to the corporate elite?
What "People, assets and interests around the world" are they talking about? And a mitigated risk is still a risk,as it is not an eliminated risk. If actual people are at risk you should not just mitigate

Stratfor Advisory Services provide global enterprises predictive, customized intelligence assessments that uncover key opportunities and pinpoint hidden risks associated with their strategic planning and critical investment decisions.

I mean I can repeat that very statement and put a question mark behind it.
Can you, the reader, please explain to me how this will translate back to us. Our lives, our wallets, our freedom, our privacy?

Stratfor is your partner for identifying risk and opportunities in an increasingly volatile global environment.

Schedule a consultation today to learn how Stratfor can help your organization make the best possible decisions, when it matters most.

Does this make Stratfor a kind of corporate wikileaks?


Hidden knowledge, that only can be accessed by people / corporations with big wallets in deep pockets. That then is being used against the human population, only to enable the ultra rich people to stay in power.

Wikileaks now has a tiny fraction of that hidden knowledge and is sharing it with humanity.

Now we can see how the people in power, abuse their power, to keep this knowledge to themselves.
And this not only shows their real intentions. It also shows how much we need organisations Wikileaks.

We probably need several wikileaks like organisation per country, all with their own expertise, who keep eachother in check. And work together on a global scale as a competition to present the truth on every matter out there.

The following images I selected to give a little insight into several aspects of geopolitics.
Look if you can see how this is affecting you on a daily basis .

Where are the natural resources, how do these affect the people who live there and all those resources leave those areas, leaving people behind in poverty, while only a hand full of people get extremely rich.

Post China what?
When did China end?
And the yellow area's are the sweatshops that replace China?

So Stratfor also regulates the drugs cartels?
I mean strategic forecasting... How else should that be read?

From the looks of it the area with the lowest GDP will be destabilized and conquered first.

And there I found it:
Stratfor was hacked in 2011 by 'members of Anonymous' And that in 2012 more then 5 million Stratfor email messages where leaked to Wikileaks
So that explains why the name Stratfor popped out when I was diving into wikileaks!

Now I need to say thank you to Deepdives for doing this contest. As I find it an interesting way to learn more about life the planet that carries us trough the milkyway, and how humanity is it's own worst enemy.


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