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What the HECK is Steem? (again)


5 months ago

Thought I'd bring this video back to the dTube platform after it going AWOL a bit back..

This video was produced by me (@ashtv) to promote the concept of STEEM along with it's social and crypto benefits to non-crypto users.

It's a 60 second video made back in February of this year and it was made in conjunction with the '60 seconds of Steem' promo video contest run by some fantastic Steemians, namely @surfermarly, and supported by some of Steems biggest projects.
It was a great motivator to get me out shooting for the great cause that is our beloved crypto space.

I was pleased that the video came second in the contest and I have since made so many connections in the Steem world because of it.

If I were to make another it would be different; but I still love the feel of this one.

Cheers for the support, votes and follows - old and new - it's always appreciated and duly noted :)

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