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Steemauto - let's get rid of routine!


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I'm sure most of us hate routine, anyway I do. I'm always looking for ways to automate my regular jobs and maybe that's one of the reasons I became a programmer or choose steemit as a blogging platform. So, today I would like to share with community an awesome tool which gave me a lets me automate some of my tasks, saves me some time (the most valuable resource we have) and also is a very good tool for promotion.

Laissez-moi vous présenter - Steemauto

Ok, I'm sure you already understood the main point of the project, so I'll quickly pass through the functionality which Steemauto may offer.

Screenshot from 2018-02-28 02-33-12.png

Scheduled posts

As I've mentioned in my earlier posts, Steemit assesses the quality, not quantity and you should do the same to succeed. It's better to post one quality every day and spend left time on promotion or on commenting/reading other posts. It's also desirable to make a post every day because the high activity is another way to get more engagement and popularity.
So even if you have got some extra free time today and wrote 2 posts instead of one, you better keep it for the next day, because I'm sure most of us can't afford to write every day and even visit steemit to make a ready post. Using Steemauto you may schedule your post for up to 100 hours.

Claim Reward

Everything is very simple - Steemauto will automatically check for your rewards every 30 and redeem them. Don't worry about security, steemauto uses your posting, so it can't transfer your funds, it can just claim rewards.


Very good feature to support your friends or people you like and respect on steemit. Thanks to steemauto I don't worry that I may forget to upvote a post (not comments) of my favorite authors since it will be done automatically. You'll need to just paste the nickname of the user and click "follow". But you should be careful, don't add everyone in a row to this list, there should be only the authors you really like and trust. Remember that the more you upvote the less valuable is your upvotes!

Upvote comments

My favorite tool, which helps to support my dedicated followers. It's like the fan base but works only for your posts comments. So, you're making the list of users whos comments on your posts you want to be automatically upvoted and steemauto will take care of it ;)

Curation trail

This is the most advanced option of steemauto. By joining the member's curation trail you'll automatically upvote all the posts he's upvoting. This is especially useful for minnows since it gives a good opportunity for fast promotion.

And that's how:

On the first days on steemit I've joined @cryptkeeper17's curation trail and has been added to his fanbase, so now I'm upvoting all the posts from his fanbase and getting upvotes from his curation trail. I think we can call it an automated promotion :)

Some Warnings

Righ after signup you'll see a warning on the dashboard:
Leave Steemauto if you don't know about it or you can't understand. You may harm your steem account.
Ok, you should be scared. The worst that may happen is losing some Voting Power. But even this may happen only if you haven't configured voting power limit properly. By default it's 70%, I would recommend to set it 80% or even 90%.
To do it just go to setting page, click "(Click to edit)" next to "Limit on voting power" property and set the minimum percentage of the voting power after which steemauto will stop upvoting.

That's all :)

Thanks, everyone who spent his time to read my post, comments will be highly appreciated. I would like to say a special thanks to @cryptkeeper17 who told me about steemauto and many other tips and tool about steemit, check out his contests and join the curation trail.
If you liked the post, please, feel free to leave a comment, detailed reviews will be highly appreciated :)
Follow me, join my curation trail, feel free to contact me on Discord (@andhovesyan) or Steemit.Chat (@andhovesyan) in case of any questions. Let's grow together!

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