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Let me introduce myself - I am a ICO Enthusiast - Professional Writer


8 months agoSteemit

Hello, steem community,

I'm Alex,
Experienced Crypto Investor & ICO Enthusiast,

I've heard about steem from a friend and decided to join it just recently.
I will be focusing on crypto-related stuff such as ICO's, Crypto Signals, My investments, and general thoughts.

By following me you will learn:

  • What ICO'S are
  • Interesting projects related to ICO'S
  • Good crypto signals
  • My analyzes and investment in the majority of altcoins
  • General thoughts on crypto news
  • What is crypto-related gambling and how does it work
  • Reviews on hardware wallets


I hope you will have fun while reading my posts and hopefully profit much - that's my main goal.

Feel free to join my Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals and News:


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