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Is hype token possible ! in steemit


5 months agoBusy2 min read

I have great idea! When i watching the current price of steem , steem now under 0.15$ . When i writting this article . Steem price is only down for one year so far. It make us , all unhappy 😠

Then i think something new. I think my idea ; make steem price one again steem top of the table.20191105_204253.jpg

Steem have now two native token , steem & sbd.

We need another token , this is i think make revolution on steemit blockchain over night.
This create huge hype in steemit blockchain.

So my suggestion , steemit need third token , this is steem hype token.

Now i shortly disscuss about that.

This token create on steemit blockchain , i am sure about that . This token show in steemitwallet as a third neative token.

Every year , in record date in range of SP holder get hype token .

The range of SP holder 3000-80000 ;
Get steem hype token . This range help to reduce the inflation of steem hype token and bot owner and whale not get hype token for free..

Steem hype token production is limited for the SP holder in the given range.
Steem hype token can be trade able in steemengine and hype token holder get 1: 0.5 token in record date.

Steem hype token has huge potential .steemit user buy and take lease SP before the record date. Because this token only produce yearly from steem power.
So before record date , it create hype, steemit user power up their accout or take lease from other . By this way it make good circulation of steem and SP In the network before record date.
So the potentiality of steem hype token is huge on steemit blockchain .

So my request to steem top mangement to work with my idea!

Wish happy steemfest four 2019 Bangkok.

Please resteem, comment 😇 and upvote this post till top .

Again happy steemfest four 2019 for all .



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