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OCD past HF21


6 months agoSteemit5 min read

This will be a post about our plans after HF21 has gone through and what we want to work on to aid our ecosystem with the new changes. Some of you may have noticed OCD recently went into a short break and some of you even asked in our Discord what was up, short answer is the upcoming changes and preparations for them.

Steem and blockchain in general has one of its strengths in being able to adapt at different circumstances, OCD also wants to keep up with the supply and demand of the chain. Right now the demand for curation, although as important as it is considering how little stake is being used to curate with, another demand is needed as well, which is authors to curate. During the bear market, especially in recent months it has become harder and harder to find new authors that we or other of the few curation projects haven't already curated. Our initial rules and restrictions of new authors and the frequency of how often we curate the same authors have had to be lowered and often times even removed due to the effect of the price of Steem. This is of course nothing too bad, for some it may be considered something that crypto enthusiasts like to call as "early adoption bonus" or in this case "low supply bonus" and those who took advantage of writing continuously and staying invested it may pay off at a later date. Due to the lack of marketing in general though, Steem slowly dropping out of the top 100 list on coinmarketcap (hopefully not completely) we wanted to focus some of our attention back to onboarding and curating already established content creators that do not know about Steem or blockchain platforms in general.

The reason we believe this to be of good timing is due to the changes in HF21, the new curve will also allow us to spread our voting power thinner while still rewarding authors approximately the same amount in Steem. Thus with the current voting power of OCD and accounts following us we will be able to put it to more widespread use without curating less than we have before.

Next week we are going to start a trial run of our approaching and onboarding initiative and see if we can successfully get new content creators to join Steem through OCD and use what we have to offer to get involved in our ecosystem. Everything we have to offer outside content creators when joining Steem will be:

  • account creation
  • slider delegation through @ocd-witness
  • curation of first few posts such as introduction posts
  • whitelisting to @ocdb for continuous growth by providing content
  • continuous curation of the invited creators relative to the content
  • guidance
  • fanbase invitations and account creation while curating comments on the author that got them to Steem
  • inform the content creators about upcoming communities and how they can use it to empower themselves and their fanbase

These are the main points we want to focus on and needless to say there will be a lot of other things once we get going and things are flowing.

We want to note that we were first planning on creating our own front-end for OCD & OCDB with a token, ad-revenue, guestaccounts, etc, but at this point in time we believe we will do Steem's sell pressure more a favor by attempting to drive and retain traffic within and hoping "lite" accounts and communities will arrive soon to further aid our efforts.

We aren't looking for assistance other than curation of the content we curate and follows to authors you are interested in as of now, we want to show you what we are doing first and how that evolves and if assistance is required later we will have more documented proof of work and activity for an appropriate application for delegation or aid from the SPS in our efforts of onboarding and retention. Having said that if you have extra SP you don't know what to do with (as if that be the case during these times) or just want to assist curation projects because you feel bad about only delegating to bid bots the past few years (:P) then feel free to delegate to @ocd or @ocd-witness, the latter will focus on continuous curation of content creators we've brought in while the former will curate as usual with 1-2 daily votes going towards the curators in the team.

These are the short term plans for the @ocd and @ocd-witness account, if things go well and we see an increase in not just new accounts but also native languages being used more and are in need of curation we will attempt to also bring that back in the near future if our voting power allows it.

My next post will be about the changes of @ocdb with the upcoming hardfork and as mentioned before our non-profit distribution bot (aka bid bot to some) has only been a side project due to the current system and to mitigate the abuse of bid bots and more stake going towards that, thus we will discuss it in another post.

If you have any questions about @ocd or our new initiative feel free to ask here.

Thanks for reading and supporting @ocd throughout the years, let's make curation great again. ;)


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