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Not Here, Not Now...


8 months agoeSteem2 min read

Welcome to the present moment, the only moment that ever counts, was one of Eckhart Tolle's famous opening lines for his talks. One that has a deep meaning and that might simply describe ZEN, if ZEN can be described, for the one having his eyes open to see. The present moment however is not that tasty anymore, for the majority of us, and not a destination to spend too much time at.

It is some point in time in the future when we will be fulfilled and happy and of course that a new object or a new person will make it happen. What now has too offer is not good enough, it's not complete. It demands a plan and a future time frame for that perfect moment to come or for enlightenment to strike us.

Everything happens in "the now" though but as soon as the future becomes present we put it aside and begin our chase towards another now, better and bigger than this one and we find ourselves chasing a desert rain that will never pour its drops on us. That's how most of the human lives are consumed on this planet, unfortunately.

For the ones though that open their eyes to a rainy or a cold and cloudy day as well, the present moment is worth digesting, but those are not too many. Even I, who have read books and consumed tens of hours of such spiritual teachings, am almost always on the run, mentally. Like today, when it's raining and my mind is relaxing at the beach near the sunset, in some other place and time.

Welcome to the present moment... again!




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